A New Way To Discover and License Music

Licensing music for your creative media projects is hard. There are hundreds of sites with music libraries, and millions of songs across them all. Sites use inconsistent and sometimes confusing search methods to wade through the ocean of music. Once you find the right song, the license might not match the way you want to use the music. 

Bard™ is a new kind of search engine, tailor made for creators like you. We take the fuss out of finding licensable music on the internet, making the search process fast, consistent, and transparent.

A Smart Search Engine

We know it can take up to a week or more of frustrating searching to finally discover that song that captures the perfect mood, tempo and length of the project you’re using it for. With literal millions of licensable songs available to sift through; it's like searching the web before Google. 

Bard™ is developing a special set of algorithms to analyze music beyond simple data tags. Bard looks at music on a byte by byte level, identifying tempo, key, rhythm and more, providing a more intelligent way to search. 

Be a Part of Something Big

Sonic Bloom is hard at work developing the world’s most intelligent music search platform, allowing content creators to easily find and license available music for their media projects.

For Adobe Premiere Users

Sonic Bloom is looking for Film and Video creators who use Adobe Premiere to try out Bard™. Bard is in early development, but provides an opportunity to our users to influence the product direction and features of Bard. It's free to sign up and use, so what's stopping you?

For FInal Cut Pro, and other Media Creation Platforms

Sonic Bloom will be rolling out news features to Bard™ and adding support to new platforms. If you are interested in getting updates about Bard, please sign-up below.

Brought to You By Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom (sonicbloom.io) is an early stage startup founded in mid-2014 by Eric Robinson, veteran programmer and designer of music games, and Justin Stanizzi, veteran project manager of software start-ups. These two longtime colleagues share a deep interest in creating powerful tools for software engineers and designers. Together they developed Koreographer, a unique software tool that allows creators to match action to audio and produce cinematic experiences in interactive media. Bard is currently in beta and will be expanding its market in 2018.