Where Can I find Licensable Music?

The Bard Solution

By now some of you might be wondering “What is Bard?” That’s a totally fair question. The music licensing landscape is filled to the brim with music libraries and labels that cater to film and video use. In fact, there are thousands of them. From the well established music libraries to the solo indie composer, there is no shortage of places to find music. And this is exactly why Bard exists: to make it easier to find music from across all of those libraries from a single place! Let’s dig into this a little bit.

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We estimate that there are at least 5 million indie artist and production music tracks available to license. Nice!  That said, this trove of music is split amongst libraries of various sizes. Some libraries, like Pond5 or Jamendo, offer hundreds of thousands of tracks, while others may only be large enough to contain an individual artist’s own works. There is literally no shortage of high quality music to license, regardless of your need; be it podcasts, YouTube videos, animations, film, advertising...

This abundance of music options is great. This abundance of music libraries can be a burden. Are you going to search through all those libraries yourself while looking for the right song for your project? Are you even aware of more than a handful of music libraries? Are you sure that they provide licenses at prices within your project budget? Sifting through all of this is like finding a flight or hotel prior to the existence of sites like Kayak or Travelocity: a major time sink and the cause of many headaches. This is where Bard comes in.

Bard is like Kayak but for production music. It’s a search engine that helps you explore music from across many libraries at once, providing most of the same search functions you’re used to.

In the future, Bard will feature some fancy new search methods, too. What if you could search based on your licensing needs, rather than wasting time scouring a library or two for a track only to find that they don’t have a license that fits your use case? What if you could indicate the song you have in mind and then have a list of close matches automatically discovered for you? Think about how much time could be saved if searching for the right piece of music was as simple as this,

Bard doesn’t license music: it simply delivers the best environment to find all of the music you need without any of the additional headache that comes from wading through a terribly complex industry. Give Bard a shot today and let us know what you think!