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Sonic Bloom at GDC 2016 With Two Talks on Proactive Audio

Sonic Bloom's Co-founder and audio technology guru, Eric Robinson, has landed in San Francisco for this year's Game Developers Conference. He has prepared two fantastic talks concerning the use of Proactive Audio in game development, and how to leverage it to really increase the impact of your game. 

The first talks is scheduled for the Indie Summit, where Eric will focus on using game audio and sound effects to increase the overall experience of your game. The talk will cover specific inexpensive ways to use audio. Its best summarized as:

With a simple rundown of underlying audio concepts and specific gameplay examples, attendees will see how to improve the "juiciness" of their game with proactive use of their game's sound effects and music. They will learn everything they need to really make their games DANCE!

The talk is titled "Pumping up the Juice with Proactive Audio" and it will be held on Monday, March 14th, at 3:00PM in Room 2009 in the West Hall. More information can be found here.

The second talk is scheduled for March 15, at 11:20 AM in room 3002 in the West Hall during GDC's Audio Bootcamp. In this talk, Eric outlines what the future of interactive audio is, and what steps the industry can take today to change the impact of audio in games. 

It is best summarized as:

At GDC 2014, Mick Gordon ended his "Next Generation Audio in Killer Instinct" talk by saying that the next generation of audio in games will be defined by audio's ability to affect gameplay. In other words, next gen audio is Proactive Audio. This talk will explain why Proactive Audio is so impactful, provide examples of current uses in the wild, and show how developers can leverage Proactive Audio to make more cinematic, compelling gameplay experiences for their players today.

You can find more information here.

We hope you enjoy the talks we have in store for this year's GDC. We hope to see you there!