Koreographer is a Unity Plugin that simplifies the process of synchronizing music in your video game. It’s simple editing interface allows Unity3D developers to map rhythms, beats, notes, volume and other dynamics of the music to events in the game. Koreographer is used by developers to create rhythm games, make any game more cinematic, enhance game environments with music, and create new controls and music-driven gameplay.

Unity Asset Store

Koreographer ProFessional Edition - Version 1.3.0 - Compatible with 4.5 to 5.3

Koreographer Pro is

Koreographer - Version 1.3.0 - Compatible with 4.5 to 5.3


Koreographer  is


Get access to all of the cutting edge features being developed deep in the Sonic Bloom laboratories. New features, bug fixes sooner, and application integrations are all part of the deal. You don't even have to ask for source code access, as thats included as well. If you're a risk taker in your purchases, but not in your actions, then you can also play around with the same version available on the Unity Asset Store. Plus, you can sleep with a sound conscience because you are supporting the developer directly (i.e. most of the money goes to us *hooray!*).

Additional Services

We are audio and video game experts skilled at integrating sound into applications.  Contact us to discuss custom projects.

Custom Solutions:

Some of the custom solutions and services we provide include:

  • Integration with Unreal and other Engines

  • Integration with Wwise and FMOD

  • Video game sound design

  • Creation of Koreography for your music and audio files

  • Interactive sound and video experiences