Koreographer™ is a Unity Plugin that simplifies the process of synchronizing music in your video game. It’s simple editing interface allows Unity developers to map rhythms, beats, notes, volume and other dynamics of the music to events in the game. Koreographer is used by developers to create rhythm games, make any game more cinematic, enhance game environments with music, and create new controls and music-driven gameplay.

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Koreographer™ ProFessional - Version 1.5 - Compatible with Unity 4.5 to Unity 2017.1

Limited support for Unity's Beta program

Koreographer Professional Edition provides a full suite of unique tools for savvy Unity developers wanting to get more out of proactive audio synchronization. This is the way of harnessing the full power of Koreographer, including 3rd party integrations and access to the source code for all of your tinkering needs. We've packed it full of specialized new features that streamline development with Koreographer, including the MIDI converter, color and color gradient event payloads, and audio analysis for quick event generation. If you're inspired to improve your gaming experience by syncing graphics to the background music, then this is the tool for you. 

Koreographer™ - Version 1.5 - Compatible with Unity 4.5 to Unity 2017.1

Limited support for Unity's Beta program


Koreographer is a great way to introduce yourself to the power of game development with proactive audio.  It includes everything you need to get familiar with the tool and enhance your work, without any unnecessary features. Source code is not available for this license, but it's still an incredibly powerful, high-precision tool for proactive audio synchronization. If you bought this and regret not splurging for the Professional Edition, we provide upgrade pricing that splits the difference. What could you possibly be waiting for? Try it out!

Additional Services

We are audio and video game experts skilled at integrating sound into applications.  Contact us to discuss custom projects.

Custom Solutions:

Some of the custom solutions and services we provide include:

  • Integration with Unreal and other Engines

  • Integration with Wwise and FMOD

  • Video game sound design

  • Creation of Koreography for your music and audio files

  • Interactive sound and video experiences