Koreographer™ is a unique proactive audio plugin for Unity that simplifies the process of synchronizing music and gameplay in your video game . It’s simple editing interface allows Unity developers to use rhythms, beats, notes, volume and other dynamics of the music to drive events in the game.

Koreographer™ is used by developers to create rhythm games, make any game more cinematic, enhance game environments with music, and create new controls and music-driven gameplay.

  • Create a rhythm game, enable lip syncing or add subtitles to audio with minimal effort

  • Precisely synchronize in-game events to different points in your game's music

  • Rapidly create new music-based gameplay and effects

Two Great Ways to Develop With Koreographer™



Simplify the synchronization process

For most game developers, synchronizing graphics, game events, and user interactions to the music is out of scope and time consuming, often requiring an acoustic scientist and special audio designers.  Koreographer’s visual authoring interface and in-game event system makes it fast and easy for any developer to:

  • Tie game parameters to specified tempos, beats or rhythms in the music

  • Create subtitles or lyrics to audio files with precision timing

  • Author Lip Syncing or animation to match your audio


Enable new music and gameplay experiences

Add music to your game to give players new gameplay or cinematic drama.  Koreographer™ allows developers to embed actions into the music. With some basic authoring in our digital choreography system you can:

  • Rapidly create beat matching games

  • Explore game mechanics driven by music

  • Make music a core part of your game


Enhance the music, don’t sacrifice game performance

Keep your CPU cycles for enhanced graphics and smooth gameplay.  Koreographer’s approach to music synchronization eliminates realtime music processing, leaving your game running at peak performance.


Keep synchronization on time, always

Koreographer’s synchronization engine outputs lightweight metadata files that keep track of timing, regardless of the systems that introduce variability. This solves the problem of audio latency caused by min-spec machines and variable game framerates.  No more time spent debugging scripts and tweaking algorithms to resolve latency and other audio bugs across platforms.

See Koreographer in Action!