Koreographer is undergoing a little change.

For almost 6 months Koreographer has been a top Unity Asset Store Audio Extension. We’ve had fantastic developers use our technology to build games that we’re proud to have been a part of, including Panoramical and Disco Dodgeball.

The one thing we’ve been troubled by is the accessibility of Koreographer for developers that are tinkering or prototyping an idea in Unity. Some developers simply can’t justify the entrance fee, and they let us know the $116 price tag is a bit steep.

We at Sonic Bloom put our heads together and devised a way to provide people access to the core Koreographer experience at a price that makes sense for hobbyists, while taking nothing away from the brilliant developers that have already purchased Koreographer.

To that end, we’re proud to announce Koreographer and Koreographer Professional Edition.

Koreographer Professional Edition will be the platform for people looking to get the latest features, integrations, and workflow enhancements for their projects. It includes source code access, 3rd party tool integration (like Fabric and SECTR Audio, with more to come), and MIDI conversion. The best part is anyone who purchased Koreographer v1.2 or lower have already been upgraded to the Koreographer Professional Edition license.

So, what about the new, lower priced version of Koreographer? It will provide the core experience and functionality for those that want to check out what Koreographer can do, but don’t need the fancy bells and whistles. Just like the Professional Edition, it provides sample specific event timing in both the Koreography Editor and in our custom runtime system. To top it off, we gave both versions PlayMaker integration for visual scripting compatibility.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far! We’re grateful to our fans, and we hope to support you with more great updates and new features soon!

See the image for our point by point feature breakdown!