Cambridge, MA - August 15th, 2018 - Sonic Bloom, LLC announces the release of a production music discovery platform designed to simplify music search and licensing. Bard follows a Kayak-like model to unify the production music marketplace of over 1,000 small and large music libraries. Sonic Bloom has worked with the Pond5, Jamendo, and Envato marketplaces to provide over 1.3 million high quality licensable pieces available to discover. 

Bard works closely with partner libraries to provide a way to filter licenses based on project needs and requirements. Bard further supports its customers by offering additional educational material to digest complex licensing use information.

"Bard aims to add much needed transparency to a $1.6 Billion production music industry by leveraging our team's knowledge of music licensing. We will provide our customers with clarity concerning their rights and work with our partners to make sure they protect the music rights they offer," said Justin Stanizzi, Cofounder of Sonic Bloom. 

Sonic Bloom will offer its Bard platform for free on both web and as a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro. Bard is inviting Podcasters, Game Developers, YouTubers, Advertisers, Videographers, Video and Film Editors to use Bard to find their next piece of music for their next project. Bard is in Beta development and is actively soliciting feedback from its users.

Additional Information

Bard is free to use today at, and free to download on Adobe Premiere here.

You can find more on Sonic Bloom, LLC at

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About Sonic Bloom, LLC

Sonic Bloom was founded in Cambridge, MA in the Fall of 2014 by two longtime friends as a passion project to develop technology that helps people do more with music. They helped video game developers make more engaging experiences with their first product, Koreographer, and have moved to looking to change the way creators on both side of the marketplace buy and sell music. Sonic Bloom is reinventing the way music is discovered, licensed and utilized for the betterment of the creative community.